Basketball court

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Basketball court

It was after the home coming game I was to stay and clean up since I was the president of free porn movies download the school council. After every left Jimmy walked out from the locker room and asked if I could use any help? Jimmy we the guy with it all hot body sexy hair everything he was the girls and guys dreams. He could have anyone but he wanted me.

Well, we began to clean the court by sweeping it then went to the bleachers our school didnt have cameras but the doors were locked invade of anything. Jimmy stated that he would go grab the trash can and returned naked. When he walked out in front of me i jumped because of the greeter I got. Jimmy caught me sitting and slapped me with his 11inch cock. When I jumped up he ran to the middle of the court and layer down waiting for me. To me this as a dream come true, when I got there he piled my pants off And started to suck me off. My cock it's self is 9 inches only and he could believe it or not deep throat me.

He said it was time for him to fuck me I replied I didnt have a condom he said he didn't want one which I was completely cool with. When full hd xvideo download he found some lotion in the /gym/">gym bag by the coaches chairs we started to fuck. He said he wanted me to scream if it felt good enough and he got his wish alright.

While fucking me I screamed with so much pleausure he began to push me across the court a little and pulled me back thrusting me harder and harder making me scream more and more.

Jimmy cummed about 30 min latter and let me ride him until I cAme when we finished cleaning at 1 am he fucked me agian but on the coaches desk very fun. Me and Jimmy fucked another time in the school but in the principles office :D very very sexy time