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Lewis licked his cum out of his granddaughters /asshole/">asshole.

"I love what you do to me grandpa." she cooed.

She sat on top of him with her ass in his face and let him lick her holes clean until she climaxed.

They lay there kissing like lovers until he was done with his sexual perversion.

The next morning Noreen discoverd she was ministating. She looked at the sheets and viewed the mess she had made in the night.

Lewis looked at Noreens bloody weeping little cunt and immediately got a hard on.

"Honey, I want to lick it!" he said.

"Oh, how wicked." she gasp.

Lewis dived between his granddaughters legs and sucked her pussy. He made a bloody mess all over his face and passionately kissed the excited girl. Noreen was in orgasmic heaven. She never knew perverted sex could be so exciting.

Lewis stuck his dick in Noreens messy oozing cunt and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. This went on for rhree days. Lewis sometimes smeared the bloody mess over her breasts and nude body. He would not let her wash or take a shower. This pervert /orgy/">orgy went on until her time of the month was over.

Then they showered together and Lewis shoved a bar of soap up her pussy. He pushed his stiff dick up after it and furiously fucked her. She climaxed under the pressure of the bar of soap and his dick and giggled.

"That is a new way to take a douche."

When Lewis ejaculated inside her hole and withdrew his shrinking hard on sperm squirted from her cunt and and the bar of soap went flying out.

"Oh that was neat." she said.

One day she told Lewis that she found a /friend/boy-friend/">boy friend. Lewis was delighted. Noreen would come home after her date with her boy friend Charley and tell her grandfather about the sex playing with his stiff dick until it exploded onto her face.

Grandaddy I am going to quit my birth control pills."

"I want you to make me /pregnant/">pregnant."

"What makes you think the baby will be mine?" he ask.

"I will let onely let Charley fuck me in my asshole and you can fuck me in my pussy until I get pregnant." said Noreen.

"Oh that's great." said Lewis.

This arrangement went on for months until Noreen found she was pregnant by her grandfather. She told her grandfather the good news and then let Charley fuck her in her pussy. After a while she told her Charley HE had impregnated her. Noreen and Charley made plans to get married.

They were married by the justice of the peace. Lewis gave his /son/">son in law money to start a construction business.

Noreen fucked them both until time to give birth. Charley by day and Lewis at night. Lewis had his dick in her little pussy one morning when Noreen Water broke. Lewis looked at the girl in shock!

suddenly she peed and had contractions. Lewis rushed her to the hospital. She gave birth to a heathy baby girl. Noreen called her Carley.

Noreen breast fed the baby. Her husband sucked her tits dry at night after she fed little Carley. In the morning she drove to her grandfathers house and he sucked her tits.

That day Noreen was driving back home. Her baby had shit his diapers. She pulled in a parking lot to change the baby when she saw Kelly stagger out of a bar. Kelly was alone. Noreen called Kelly over to her little sports car.

"You aren't mad at me? said Kelly obviously surprised to see Noreen.

"No honey."

Get into my car and I will show you my baby girl.

"I am married now." she added.

Drunk Kelly got in the car with Noreen.

"Wow, nice car." she said.

Noreen handed Kelly her naked little baby and kissed Kelly. The /drunk/drunk-bitch/">drunk bitch was shocked. She knew that she had hurt Noreen.

"Lets drive to secluded spot Kelly."

"I want to make love to you."

"You can hold my baby.

Kelly held the small baby as Noreen drove and watched the scenery side slide by. She looked forward to making love to Noreen. She would show her how sorry she was for being so mean to her.

Noreen stopped her Mercedes sports car in a roadside park. She opened the trunk and got a blanket old waman xxxgx and the fold up baby crib and the dirty diapers. She went to a pick nick table and lay the blanket over it.

She undressed the expectant Kelly, and then herself. The girls kissed and Kelly got on the table and laid down spreading her legs wide exposing her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy.

Noreen got on the table and pissed on Kellys face.

"OH god that is so sexy!" gasp Kelly.

Noreen got off Kellys face and went to the diapers and got the baby poop. She shoved poop in Kellys /cunt/cunt-hole/">cunt hole with her fingers working the stinky slime in deep. Kelly exploded with an orgasm from the depravity of it all.

Noreen pushed a turd in Kellys mouth and kissed her. They spit the shit back and forth into each others mouth. Kelly took the baby poop and rubbed it all over her breasts. Noreen licked it off. They shared a long and tinder kiss. Noreen told kelly that she loved her. Kelly said she wanted to fuck like this forever.

Then Noreen went to the Mercedes an got her cell phone. She came back to the prone Kelly and shoved it all the way up her slimy cunt hole.

"UUUGGGH." that is different she cooed.

"CALL YOUR PARENTS TO GIVE YOUR ASS A RIDE bokep sma pecah perawan HOME, AND NO ONE ELSE!" Noreen warned.

"If you do that I will forgive you and we can be friends.