Personal Shopper

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Personal Shopper

A Bi Woman who likes to play dress up gives a gay sales clerk the ride of his life.

"Personal Shopper"

I would like to start off by saying that I consider myself Bisexual and while the concept of a female cross dresser is rare, I'm here to tell you that it does exist.

I like to wear men's cloths, it really turns me on. It's is if I am a completely different person when I play dress up .one day one I was bored beyond all reason , I happened to notice that a 's wear store had opened up in a town close by and I thought to myself that maybe it was time to add to my wardrobe .

First it was prep time. Had to make myself over to look like a man so I could go in and scope the place out looking for potential targets First thing was had flatten out the B cups a little. I had a very tight sports bra that was just the ticket to pull that off. Then I re did my hair to give it that wind tunnel tested look. I then went over to my "Toy Box" and got out a good sized Dildo and a harness to strap it on with. Nothing gigantic minds you, but something that would still catch the eye of someone measuring your inseam.

The final touch was in my garage. My vintage Harley hadn't been out for a couple of weeks so I saddle up and headed out. The powerful engine rattling my loins was enough to skew my mind to deprave as I headed down the road to what ever I might find.

I was hoping the place wouldn't be to busy and I xnxxv sunny leone video lucked out. I pulled up to the front window of the store and gunned the throttle on big time to get everyone inside's attention.

Once inside the store I checked out the layout of the place. Gay dar popped almost immediately with the salesman that was in the far corner of the store helping some pick out some off the rack pants.

I browsed around while the clerk dealt with the plus size customer and brought all of his purchases to the front register. As I roamed around the store picking things out me noticed that he was checking me out as well

The clerk got the man settled up at the register and then turns his attention toward me. He slid up behind me while I was at the tie rack going throw the silk ties.

"May I help you" He asked in that strained no I'm not a flaming fag tone I have heard some many times before.

"yea, you have a fitting room in here some where, I need to have these pants marked" I replied

He pointed over to a door that was just to the right of a mirror. The clerk was trying not being obvious but he like the biker look I had thrown together and really wanted to help me out of my pants more then anything else.

"Go ahead on back, and I'll be with you in a moment" he told me. I went over to the door and went through it. I then quickly got out of my jeans and adjusted my phony phallus to the left so it was to the inside of my left leg so the outline of my boxers was noticeable. I then stood on the little platform in front of the big mirror to see how it all looked before the sales man got back there.

"Perfect" I whispered looking at the poorly concealed bulge running down my leg. My heart began to pick up the pace while I waited for my target to slink through the door. I could almost sense it in the air.

He came barreling through the door with a tape measure around his neck and a pair of the pants I had picked out. He went to the other side of the fitting room and got the marking pen for the cuffs then came back over to the mirror where I was still standing with my back to him.

"Could you put these on" He said handing me the pair of Khakis he had with him. I turned around to the pants and his eyes locked onto my crotch and the polyurethane snake that was hiding under neath my Boxer shorts. It was as if he was caught in the power of it and couldn't move a muscle. I took the pants from him and slowly stepped into each leg. He was still staring as I slowly pulled them up over my hidden . I quickly turned back around to face the mirror adjust the pants to where I wanted them and then held my arms out

"Well," I barked as if to say what the holdup dude is.

"Uhh, shit I'm sorry sir let me just mark these cuffs" he stammered trying to look like he just wasn't checking out my "Package". He quickly marked both cuffs dropping his marking pen at least twice.

"Okay, you can step out of those" he said fumbling the hanger he was going to put the pants back on. He fumbled that as well and when he got on his knee's to pick it he was at eye level with the fake fuck pole making an effort to break free from its one hundred percent cotton blend prison.

"See any thing you like" I commented grinning ear to ear at him down there. I held out my hand to help him up and as soon as he got to his feet real forced anal against her will reached for his goods. He was already working on some pretty major wood himself and so I got the idea to help him along with his before he helps me along with mine. As soon as he was steady on his own feet I dropped to my knees right in front of his zipper and quickly began to undo his belt and fly.

"Uhh" he again stammered "I don't really think we should be doing this here know".

I basically ignored him in my quest and once I freed Willie, so to speak, he was a lot more receptive to what I was trying to do. His engorged cock bobbed in front of me while I slid his Dockers and his tightly whitey's to the floor. I slowly began to paint the throbbing purple knob with the tip of my tongue, licking more and more with each lick. His knees buckled a bit an I had to steady them One I was sure he wasn't going to fall, I started taking more and more of his swelling manhood in my mouth . He was starting to get so in to it that he had put his hands on my head and was slowly but surely fucking my face.

"Ohh Shit, Yeah that feels so good" He moaned as he pushed a little harder with each pass. I had reached up with a free hand through his legs and began to probe the crack of his ass looking for the rosebud. He quickly spread his legs further apart to help me and when I found it the tip of my finger began to probe send circle alternating so he would relax and his would loosen up. I got down to the knuckle of my Index finger and then began to slip my middle one in as well. This succeeded in getting him even harder

As I continued pleasuring him, I slowly began to unbutton the buttons on his silk shirt. I then pulled my fingers out of him and let his beast go and stood up, unbolting the rest of his shirt buttons and loosened the very expensive tie he was wearing. I slid the tie out from under his collar and then turned him around to face the Mirror in front of him. I then covered his eyes with his tie and made a blind fold out of it.

When I secured the tie, I then reached around front and began to play with his nipples. This was causing some more week Kneed Moments until I grabbed his engorged Sword and began to stroke it along.

"God, you got to fuck me soon before I burst" he panted while I stroked him. This was all I needed to get the ball rolling. I turned hi back around facing me and then I pulled a condom out of my shirt pocket and opened it quickly. I had made sure to bring the flavored ones so that he wouldn't be able to tell that he was blowing plastic instead of flesh.

"Bite down on this " I growled as I put the tip in his mouth and he held it there. I then pushed him slowly back down to his knees, grabbed my fake cock and guided it slowly into the open end of the rubber. He quickly caught on and slowly using his mouth only, slid the love glove down the shaft of my .
"Oh yeah Suck little man, I'm gonna fuck you hard" I threw that in for just effect. When I was sure that the lubed up rubber was on enough I pulled him back up and turned back around to face the other way. He braced himself and stuck his round firm ass out waiting for me to take it.

"Fuck me, fuck me know" he pleaded as I was guiding my fake missile between the cheeks of his ass. The head was their and one good push got me in.

" Ohhh, god yeah, slid that monster up in me" he squealed as I rode him hard thrusting that fake dick in and out of his stretched out .

The blind fold was holding for now so while I was fucking him I slowly began to slip out of my persona and shed my costume. I had slid out of my shirt and let the stars down on the sports bra to give the fella's some air when I began t notice that he was getting ready to Cum. He had been stroking himself and was about ready to pop all over the mirror so I had to time this right.

His moans were getting intense and his strokes were getting faster so I new it was coming soon. He was starting to straighten up and shifted my stapon harness deeper in my nether regions and an orgasm snuck up on me.

"Ohh Damm that was the right spot" I yelled plunging the fake rod all the way up his ass.

"Ohh , yeah , here I Cum" he gasped as he straightened up and the blindfold was whisked away by me. He blew his huge load all over the mirror and once he got his bearings back, was genuinely but pleasantly shocked that he just had his brain fucjed out by a woman.

I still hookup with mister sales man from time to time. We stage these elaborate settings where I'm dressed like a man and come and take him in all kind of ways.