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Online Dating

Okay so Im a 19 year old university student. I love everything to do with sex. For a couple years now, Ive been totally obsessed with the idea of lesbian sex. I watch girl on girl porn more than any other type and whenever I touch myself, moving two fingers within me, stroking my clit, I fantasize about other girls.

One night, when I was totally turned on and feeling a bit lonely, I decided to make a profile on this dating website that my friends had told me about. I said I was bisexual and interested in having casual sex with other girls. I was finally going to do something about my lesbian fantasies!!!

I was going through all the other /women/">womens profiles and I got so wet, I could feel my juices dripping down my thighs, soaking into the bed sheet. Sentences like "Im good with my fingers" and "you should message me if youre interested in a 69" really jumped out at me!!!

I had to come!!! I ripped off my pajamas bottoms thrust two fingers inside me, used my other hand to tweak my already erected nipples. I thrust my hips against my hand, introducing a third finger into my already stretched pussy!! It felt so good... Thrusting faster and faster and faster... I came so hard, vaginal walls gripping my fingers.

After my /climax/">climax I began messaging some women. Who did I want to have my first lesbian encounter with??

I got many replies. One girl stood out to me, she was a couple years older than me, with /blonde/">blonde flowing hair. She was tall with nice petite breasts. She was a stark contrast to my red shoulder length hair and double D boobs.

Her name was Beth, she was keen to introduce me to the world of lesbianism. She began sending me explicit photos and video clips, it was so hot! Seeing her undress for the camera, /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking herself. It wasnt long before we agreed to meet up.

She picked me up from my house, she knew I didnt want any of my housemates to know what I was going out to do, so she stayed in the car. It was summer, so I was wearing a short skirt (with just a lacey black /thong/">thong underneath) and a vest tope on top of a matching lacey bra. I didnt see much in dressing up too because I knew Id be taking my clothes off VERY soon.

"Hi Beth," I said as I climbed into the car. "Youre looking good." And she was, in her simply shorts and t shirt. I could make out the obvious hardened points of her nipples, she definitely wasnt wearing a bra. I could feel porn videos download myself dampen.

I sat down beside her in the car, and she began to drive to her house. Occasionally she would stroke my inner thigh, making her way to my already wet /underwear/">underwear. Making me moan. Not much was said on the way there. I do believe that if one of us had said anything we would have just been too overcome with desire we wouldve had to pull over and done the deed in a lay by.

We finally reached her house, it seemed to have taken forever. And as I got out the car I noticed a wet patch on the seat where my pussy had just been resting. I was feeling very excited.
There was no time to be nervous. As soon as her front door was closed her lips were on mine, sucking my tongue into her mouth. Her hand on my breast kneading it softly.

She broke away the kiss, began kissing my neck, occasionally nipping me. "Im going to make you come.... Hard! Teach you some things! I can already tell youre going to love it!!"

With that she pushed me onto the floor, removed my dripping underwear. She spread my legs. No-one had ever eaten me out before and I could smell the warm musky scent of my own excitement.
She lowered her mouth slowly to my hot shaven cunt, dragging out the anticipation. Making me squirm. I needed her mouth!! I needed her mouth on me right now!! I could have screamed in frustration!!!

She started feathering light kisses across my labia. She used two fingers to open my lips and began tonguing my vagina!! It felt just so incredible!! I couldnt help my self, I started to thrust my hips xxx to meet her mouth, grinding my pussy against her face. I had a hand in her hair preventing her from stopping.

Suppressing a giggle, against me she whispered " woah woah woah baby!! We have all the time in the world!!" But her hot breath on my soaking cunt just spurred me on... Making me more desperate!!! She switched tactics. She thrust two fingers into /pussy/tight-pussy/my-tight-pussy/">my tight pussy. Sucking on my bulging clit. I begged her to let me come, the tension mounting inside of me. She laughed but her thrusting fingers continued at their unrelenting pace, her nipping and sucking my clit.

I came. Ive never come so hard in my life. My juices covering her mouth and hand. She loved it!! Lapping up my juices.
She kissed me.... A hot open mouthed kiss! I could taste myself on her tongue!!! Ive never tasted something so erotic!! I felt amazing!!!

I couldnt wait to return the favor....