We meet again

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We meet again

It's the year 2034, and technology has evolved astronomically...Planets are inhabited, genetics altercation is founded, and now people can become their fantasies. And this is where we find me, Zash Cyrion, feeling embarrased talking to a reprasentative of a genetics company.

"Yes, sir. We can get you in next Tuesday with /doctor/">doctor Carterson." I nodded. I couldn't believe that I was doing this. It wasn't painful, it didn't take time, it was just embarrasing. Although it was expensive.

I glanced around the room. It was Tuesday now. I was going to be a new me. A sexier me. A me blowjob porn videos that would allure the most masculine of men. I could taste the cum now.

Doctor Carter walked in. He was flipping through my files as I sat in the gown on the operating table. The gown wasn't what you'd consider clothes. It was basically a /latex/">latex-type thing combined with rubber. It was warm if you were cold and cold if you were warm. The gown pressed to every part of your body. No wonder Doctor Carter already had an /erection/">erection.

I've been bodybuilding since I was fourteen, and now I'm thirty seven. With the new age expensive gyms, I became a full-blown god in no time. Then my modeling carreer took off and now...Well, there weren't many that could resist. Knowing that I'd aroused him caused a stir in my own dick. Although, if I popped one, it would most likely bulge considerably out of the faberic and then rip it. I was no pencildick.

Although, I was going to become more of a stallion in a few hours.

"Zash?" said Doctor Carterson. "Zash Cryion? I haven't seen you since summer workout, in the 20's!" I noticed him now. He was Sahr "Smooth" Carterson. Anyone who's seen him naked- or even shirtless- would know why. I remembered him as a kid. He wasn't muscular or anything, he just loved to learn about health. He still had a tight physique, not too strong but not a twig. I remember having that body pressed against mine. Having that dick in my hand...He was like a mini-me. Although he wasn't small either.

"Wow! Sahr! I never thought I'd see you again!" I grinned up at him. He signed. "Geese, Zash. YOU'RE getting an alteration? You're already..." He didn't want to finish the sentence. But it was OK. Everyone knew I was gay, and he was too. "Finish the sentence, Sahr." I loved it when people talked about my tight, hot body. "You're already the sexiest guy around. Not to be a perv, but I just saw a porno with you in it. Have you..been altered before?" I grinned. "No." His eyes opened wide. "Wow. Alright, well, they're ready now." A light on his watch beeped impatiently.

It was fuzzy. I saw someone...naked standing overme. Someone's leg or something. Wait....My vision came in. It wasn't a leg. It was my cock.

It was now three /feet/">feet long, and as thick as a two liter bottle of pop. I looked down at myself. My cock, if possible, got bigger and harder. "" I was ripped. My six-pack was so well defined that if you poured water in it it could probobly hold it in the valleys of my muscle. My pecs were huge, nipples erect. My biceps, triceps, and leg muscles were bulging as if they were going to pop the skin. I couldn't see it but I knew my back was rippling. My testicles were huge and hanging between my legs.

"...I like it." Sahr stood at the edge of the bed. He was naked. It looked like he got altered too...He was a hunk. Not as big or muscular as me, but he was still ungodly hot. I felt movement being reinabled. "How long was I out for doc?" He told me that this was six hours. I would be free to go home any time now. "But.." he added. "They don't know you're awake." He put one foot over my body and then another, and lay his naked body on mine. I lifted my arms and wrapped it around him, hugging him and frenching his /mouth/hot-mouth/">hot mouth. He stood up and stared at my cock. "May I?"

"Be my guest," I said.

His mouth was licking up and down my huge shaft. He licked my mushroom-of a head and mouthed it with such enthusiasm that it took all of my willpower not to just blow in his face. He lifed his /ass/hot-ass/">hot ass over my dick and impaled himself. I saw his face contort with pain.

"How can that fit up there!?" I asked, squeeling with pleasure as he moved up and down on what little he could fit.

"Painfully." he said. A sudden feeling hit me. It came from...Well, I guessmy testicles. My entire body surged with extreme pleasure. Sahr, smartly, got off of my rod. "Holy fucking shit!!!" I began screaming. I could feel sperm being shot through the shaft. Pleasure exploded everywhere, as I was screaming with such /ecstasy/">ecstasy that I'm suprised nobody came in. I later found out that the room was soundproof.

A glob of sperm fell off of the ceiling and hit me in the face. A large spot of the ceiling was covered and dripping. Meanwhile, Sahr was working his hairless wonder. "You think you're going to measure up to that?" He grinned and put his cock in my mouth. I gave head pleasurefully to his pecker. He began screaming milf porn videos as well. "Oh...god...You..unggh...Don't know that...uhuhhhhh...We can...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes.....Increase...mmmmmmmm.....Cumming power.....Oh shit! OH GOD!!!!! YES!!! OHHH!!!" My mouth filled up almost immediently with his jizz, as fast as I was swallowing. Even though his cock was so small compared to mine, he made the same output. I could tell has my six-pack, pecs, and entire body was covered from when he pulled his cock out and sprayed almost everywhere. He lay on my chest and I stroked his hairless back. "Oh god...that was awesome..." he said. "Guess what? Second part of your operation's on Saturday."

To Be Continued...