New Nieghbors Part 2

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New Nieghbors Part 2

When I walked back into our apartment Nikki was just finishing dinner. I had left her a note that I was next door so she would not be worried. She asked what we were doing and I told her that we just had a couple of beers while enjoying a little guy talk. If she thought anything more she did not show any sign. After dinner we were sitting on the couch watching TV when she started rubbing my crotch. As she slides her hand down the front of my pants I closed my eyes and the thought of what happened earlier popped in my mind. She undid my pants releasing my hardening cock and went down on me. 

Now Nikki is great at giving head but I found myself comparing her to Kirk and Tim. We soon moved to the bedroom and after a hot 69 session I laid her on her back and slide into her. Sliding in and out watching the looks of pleasure on her face I wondered if I would feel the same fucking Kirk. I wondered if /ass/ass-fucking/fucking-her-ass/">fucking her ass would feel anything like fucking Kirk?s ass. Nikki and I have done anal but she is not really into it so we do not go there very often. I found myself fucking her harder and harder as all these thoughts kept going through my mind and I soon found myself cumming deep inside her /wet/pussy-wet/very-wet-pussy/">very wet pussy. 

The next day Nikki called me at work to tell me she had been invited to go out of town for the weekend with Kim, her /friend/best-friend/">best friend since high school. She was going to her parents who had moved about 5 hours away and wanted someone to ride with her but they were leaving right after work. I told her no problem and just give me a call when they got there. As I /hung/">hung up the phone I immediately started wondering if Kirk and Tim were going to be around this weekend which made my cock start hardening thinking about what might happen. I got home and found a nice card from Nikki on the counter thanking me for being understanding, if she only knew the thoughts I had been having since she called. It was about 7pm when I decided to call Kirk and Tim to see what was going on. Kirk answered and trying not to seem to obvious I told him Nikki had went out of town with a friend for the weekend and if they wanted to do something to let me know. He invited me over saying they had just opened a beer and were getting ready to watch the game and told me to just come on in, how could I resist. 

When I walked into their apartment they were sitting on the couch with the game on both wearing shorts and no shirts. I could not believe the thoughts in my mind when I saw those two hot bodies relaxed there as an image of Tim?s face when Kirk slide his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock into him passed through my mind. The made room on the couch for me to sit between them as Kirk handed me a beer. We made small talk for a few minutes when out of the blue Kirk says ?Tim really wants to suck your cock again?. That is all it took for me as I put one hand on each of their crotches saying I thought they would never ask. We wasted no time getting our clothes off and in a matter of what seemed seconds Tim was leaning over taking all of my instantly hard cock as he could. While he was doing this Kirk was rubbing my balls as I was stroking his cock to fullness. 

Once he was nice and hard he climbed up on the couch putting his hard cock right in front of my face. I immediately opened my mouth with a hot desire to taste his cock again as he slide it in so far I almost gagged. He then started fucking my face like I had Nikki just the other night and I could not believe I was doing this again. As he worked his cock in and out of my /mouth/hot-mouth/">hot mouth Tim was going to town on mine covering it with his saliva making it wet and slick. Since Kirk was standing in front of me I could not see Tim going to town on me but I felt his tongue on every stroke he took. He then pulled off and started stroking it saying he needed a breather but then I felt something different. I realized what he was doing as I felt his weight lower on top of me and the head of my cock slide into his /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass. He let out a moan of pleasure as Kirk said I hope you do not mind, he has wanted to feel you inside of him since the other day. Of course with my mouth full of Kirks hard cock all I could really do was moan letting him know I liked it.

 I had never fucked a guy before but the feeling of Tim?s tight ass squeezing my cock was pure /ecstasy/">ecstasy and I could not wait to see my cock fucking him. As if reading my mind Kirk climbed down and went around in front of Tim and started sucking his cock as he rode mine. I grabbed his hips as he rode me and seeing every inch of myself disappear in his ass almost made me shoot faster than I think I ever have. He kept the rhythm nice and slow at first but as he started to moan louder he started picking up the pace pounding his ass onto his new found toy and I could tell he was about to cum. He let out a loud moan sexxxx video ful hd as I heard Kirk almost gag trying to take all him load and felt what he could not take dripping down on my balls running down toward my /asshole/">asshole. As Tim continued riding my cock I felt Kirk start licking my balls cleaning up what he had lost. He kept licking and sucking my balls then I almost jumped off the couch with what he did next. All at once I felt his tongue on my asshole and as I jerked I shoved every inch of my cock into Tim?s ass resulting in a loud moan from him. 

Kirk giggled and asked if I liked it and before I could think I said yea do it again. In reply to my request he went after my ass with a new found eagerness and as I could not believe I was letting someone lick me there. Funny thing was I could not believe the pleasure I felt as his hot tongue worked around my ass. I hold on to Tim?s hips I started pounding him up and down on top of me feeling myself getting closer each stroke. As I moaned that I was getting ready to cum I suddenly felt Kirk slide a finger into my virgin ass. I could not believe it but it made me cum harder than I ever had before shooting my load deep into Tim?s ass. As I finished cumming Kirk slide his finger out and went back to licking my /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole when Tim made the comment ?see I told you he would like it?. As Tim slide off my now drained cock Kirk slide up my body to give me a deep kiss and Tim joined in with all three of us taking turns kissing each other. My head was spinning because in the last 30 minutes or so I had fucked a guy, had my asshole probed and now was kissing a guy. Three things I had never done in my life, had I only known what was to come. Kirk stood up taking my hand and led me into the bedroom as Tim followed us. 

We all three laid down on the bed together with Tim kissing my body as Kirk went down on my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls again. It was no time I was starting to get hard when I felt pressure on my asshole again realizing he was sliding his finger in. He continued to suck me as he fingered my ass making my cock grow harder and harder. He stopped and looked in my eyes stating the fact that he had not got to cum yet saying that he really wanted my ass. I looked at him and Tim and must have had a look of horror on my face because they both kind of laughed. I said I did not know since I had never done most of this before and it was new to me when Tim grabbed my hand an said he promised he would make him be gentle with me. After feeling my cock inside Tim and Kirk?s finger up my ass I really wanted to know what it would feel like having a cock inside me so I gave in saying only if you promise to take it slow. Tim reached under the bed and came out with a bottle of lube rubbing it on my ass letting his finger slide in and out as he did. 

Then I heard Kirk say I think he is ready as I felt his cock head against my slippery hole. Now as I said before Kirk was as well hung as my 8 inches if not a little more so when my hole gave way and the head of his cock slide in me I winced from the sudden pain I felt. I thought at first I was going to have to back out but he just held it there letting my now not so virgin hole stretch and get used to him inside of me. The he started sliding it in slowly inch by inch. I could not believe the feeling of fullness I had as he slide in inch after inch of his hard cock into my ass for the /first-time/">first time. I was beginning to wonder if it would ever stop and when he finally hit bottom holding it there for me to feel before sliding it back so just the head was inside of me. He asked if I liked it and I said hell yea wanting to feel it deep inside me again. He lowered his weight on top of me letting it go to the hilt again and then started gently pumping in and out of my ass. Tim was holding my legs back now so I could see Kirk?s large pole sliding in and out of me.

Tim then bent down and started sucking my cock as Kirk started fucking me harder telling me how much he loved the feel of my unused ass. It was not long before he moaned that he was going to cum and he started pounding my ass bouncing me into the bed with each down stroke. Tim pulled his mouth off and started jacking me as I felt myself getting ready to shot and as Kirk screamed he was cumming I shot all over Tim?s face as he opened his mouth trying to catch as much as he could. With one last thrust Kirk buried himself deep into me making sure shot as deep in me as he could. Kirk pulled out and then leaned down helping Tim clean up the cum that he had not been able to get into his mouth, xxx sex video download free com I was in ecstasy laying there as we all collapsed in a pile on top of each other.